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Automatic Flushing Filters Info Supplied by Manufacturer

Here is the automatic flushing microirrigation filters information to be supplied by the filter manufacturer. Automatic flushing filters for microirrigation cover automatic flushing strainer-type filters and disc filters. They are intended for operation in agricultural irrigation systems.

The following information shall be supplied by the manufacturer:

  1. The name of manufacturer and address of manufacturer or supplier;
  2. The model and catalogue number of filter;
  3. The filter data:
    • Nominal size (a single number designation is adequate if the inlet and outlet ports are the same size);
    • Nominal pressure;
    • Critical pressure drop before failure, for each type of filter element;
    • Range of recommended flow rates;
    • Overall dimensions of filter;
    • Type of connections to piping network;
    • Filter connection length;
    • Aperture size;
    • Curve of clean pressure drop in the range of recommended flow rates;
    • Safe maximum pressure drop;
  4. The housing cover closing instructions;
  5. The instructions for assembly, operation, cleaning, and maintenance, including the limitations and prohibitions;
  6. The list of spare parts;
  7. The resistance to chemicals commonly used in agricultural irrigation.
  8. Following information:
    • Minimum working pressure;
    • Minimum filtering pressure;
    • Minimum flushing pressure;
    • Maximum pressure differential allowed to initiate flushing;
    • Range of pressure differential to initiate flushing;
    • Maximum flow rate;
    • Minimum flow rate;
    • Duration of flushing;
    • Volume of flush water at minimum flushing pressure and nominal pressure;
    • Range of adjustment for flushing control setting according to time, volume, etc.;
    • < In filters equipped with protective mechanism > number of repeat flushings until flushing stops, in the event of a failure;
    • Minimum size, maximum length and maximum elevation of pipe for disposal of flush water, relative to filter position;
    • Flushing control mechanisms approved by the manufacturer for use with this filter.

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