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Ring Filter Disc – A High Porosity and Permeability Disc for Filtration

Ring filter disc, also called ring wire mesh filter disc or annulus/annular filter disc, is made of single or multi-layer woven mesh in plain, twill or dutch weave type and it has an ring shape. Ring filter disc can be made from different kinds of materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, copper or brass. Because of its high porosity, permeability and anti-acid, ring filter disc is widely applied for gas, liquid filtration as well as other medium separation in pharmaceutical, petrochemical and food industry.

A stainless steel ring filter disc from fine meshes and a perforated metal ring.
AFD-01: The stainless steel ring filter disc can be used in oil filtration.
The ring filter disc is composed of copper wire mesh and perforated metal ring.
RFD-02: Firm and tenacious copper ring filter disc is applied to oil filtration.
A big ring filter disc is leaning on a smaller one.
RFD-03: This multilayer ring filter disc is used in internal combustion engine.
A brass ring filter disc with an aluminium edge.
RFD-04: Brass ring filter disc can be used in internal combustion engine.
A medium meshes in plain weave type ring filter disc.
RFD-05: Single layer stainless steel ring filter disc can be used in oil refining, grain and oil screening.
A multilayer fine meshes stainless steel ring filter disc.
RFD-06: Multilayer ring filter disc has fine meshes to filtrate tiny and weeny particles.


  • Item: ring filter disc.
  • Materials: stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminium.
  • Wire diameter: 0.1–2.03 mm
  • Disc thickness: 0.2–7 mm.
  • Filtration accuracy: 2–1000 microns.
  • Inner diameter: 18–250 mm.
  • Outer diameter: 50–350 mm.
  • Mesh weave type: twill weave (635 meshes), plain weave (up to 400 meshes), dutch weave (3200 mesh).

Features of ring filter disc:

  • High temperature, pressure resistance.
  • High porosity, permeability and filtration flow velocity.
  • High filtrating rate and tenacity.
  • Alkali, acid and corrosion resistance.
  • Cleanable, reusable.
  • Long service life.

Applications of ring filter disc:

  • Screening and separation in food, mine, coal, medicine, glass, petrochemical industry.
  • Used in absorption, evaporation and filtration of plastic and rubber processing machinery.
  • Used as an air filter in cars and trucks.
  • Used in the filtration of high molecular polymer hydraulic oil, drugs.
  • Used for gas, liquid filtrating and other medium separation.

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