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Filter disc with outstanding durability and suitable ability, is widely used in chemistry, medicine, petroleum, rubber and food making industry.

High strength perforated filer discs are made from stainless steel, copper or brass widely applied to petroleum, chemical and engineering industry for filtration.

Stainless steel and copper ring filter discs are anti-high temperature and pressure used in mine, chemical industry to filtrate or purify particles, gas and liquid.

Bowl shaped filter made of steel, brass or titanium woven wire can be used in food treatment equipment, refueling equipment or pressure regulators and other fields.

Black wire cloth filter disc, made of low carbon steel, is widely used in plastic, rubber, grain, chemical industries.

Copper filter disc, including brass filter disc and phosphor bronze filter disc, can be used in flammable gas filtering industry.

Stainless steel filter discs with good acid and alkali resistance can be used in very harsh conditions, especially suitable for sour gas filtration.

Sintered filter disc, with high temperature and pressure resistance, is widely used in electronic, petroleum and pharmaceutical industries.