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Sintered Filter Disc Withstands High Pressure

Sintered filter disc, also known as sintered wire mesh filter disc, is a new filter disc product. Sintered filter disc is the combination of multi-layer filter disc. Such as woven filter disc and perforated filter disc. Generally, it has five layers and the its structure includes protecting layer, filtration control layer, scattered skeleton layer, skeleton supporting layer. According to its material, it can be classified into stainless steel sintered filter disc, galvanized sintered filter disc, copper sintered filter disc and bronze sintered filter disc. Among these specific products, stainless steel sintered filter disc is the most popular. Stainless steel sintered filter disc, is made of stainless steel mesh cut by laser cutting machine with high precision in high vacuum furnace.

A sketch map of sintered filter disc.

The structure of sintered filter disc: protecting layer, filtration control layer, scattered skeleton layer, skeleton supporting layer.


  • Filter materials: iron, stainless steel, brass, etc.
  • Wire diameters: 0.02 mm - 2.03 mm.
  • Discs diameters: 5 mm - 600 mm (custom size: 8 mm - 3800 mm).
  • Weaving type: plain weave, twill weave, dutch weave, etc.
  • Filter shapes: round, ring, square, rectangular, oval, etc.
  • Layers: five layers or multiple layers.
  • Filtration rate: 0.2 µm - 300 µm.
  • Process technique: spot welded, edge covering and sintering.
  • Marginal materials: stainless steel, copper, aluminum, rubber, etc.
A corner of perforated sintered filter disc.

SFD-1: Sintered filter disc can be produced with perforated type and woven type.

A piece of stainless steel sintered filter disc with its clear texture.

SFD-2: Stainless steel sintered filter disc.

A round black wire cloth sintered filter disc.

SFD-3: The material of sintered filter disc: iron, stainless steel, brass, etc.

A round brass sintered filter disc.

SFD-4: Brass sintered filter disc features accurate filtration precision.

Stainless steel sintered filter discs' specification
Item Mesh counts Wire Diameter (mm) Aperture (mm)
SSSFD01 8 - 28 0.3 - 1 0.8 - 2.66
SSSFD02 35 0.17 0.56
SSSFD03 40 0.23 0.40
SSSFD04 50 0.20 0.31
SSSFD05 60 0.15 0.27
SSSFD06 70 0.12 0.24
SSSFD07 80 0.13 0.19
SSSFD08 90 0.12 0.16
SSSFD09 100 0.10 0.15
SSSFD10 120 0.09 0.12
SSSFD11 150 0.063 0.11
SSSFD12 180 0.053 0.09
SSSFD13 200 0.053 0.07
SSSFD14 220 0.05 0.065
SSSFD15 250 0.04 0.062


  • Good permeability and high dirt-holding capacity.
  • High temperature and pressure resistance.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance: acid and alkali resistance.
  • Excellent mechanical properties: easy cutting, easy welding.
  • Accurate and steady filtration rate.
  • Cleanable and reusable.
  • Long service life.
A perforated sintered filter disc is beside a metal coin.

SFD-5: Perforated sintered filter disc with accurate and steady filtration rate.

A woven sintered filter disc is beside a metal coin.

SFD-6: Woven sintered filter disc with high dirt holding capacity.

Sintered filter disc with accurate filtering efficiency and long working life, the same as stainless steel filter disc and copper filter disc,  is the ideal filtering instrument for filtering and screening. And it is widely applied in electronic industry, petroleum industry, environmental protection and sewage treatment, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

Specific uses

  • Seawater desalination, sterile air filtration in brewing industry.
  • Mixing and purifying gas in chemical fiber.
  • Pressure-air filtration in aviation and transportation.
  • Gas filtering and catalytic gas filtration in oil industry.
  • Dust removal in environmental protection, recovery of precious metal catalytic, etc.

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